Develop products #Web3.0 environment

Blockchain Labs is an R&D company which produces alternative solutions for different needs in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency world. Unlocking New Opportunities with blockchain projects, we are building #Web3.0 together.


Value Proposal

  • Step 1

    Understand the needs in blockchain & cryptocurrency world

    Top tier tech experts in Turkey came together to analyze the industry and build up fascinating projects that is needed in blockchain and cryptocurrency world
  • Step 2

    Ability to develop the best solution in a short period of time

    With the highly experienced team, we reach to the solution in a fastest way and shortest period of time
  • Step 3

    Extensive know-how to scale up the products to global

    Extensive know-how and network in the region to scale up the products to global

Fin tech services services

Payment Solution

Telegram Payment App

Wealth tech services

Market Making

Crypto Wallet

AI Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency Trading

New Media Services

Crypto Ticker

Social Listening

Crypto Gatcha Box

Telegram Bot




Peerguess is designed with gamification experience. We decided to add gamification principles to the watcher and portfolio management applications, in which you can guess the next 24h value of a specific cryptocurrency using the Gems provided or purchased.

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Alert Manager


Portfolio Manager

Unique Features


Cryptocurrency media for price comparison and social media sharing. BTC Sum provides data analyze tool for all crypto traders.
Revenue model is advertisement and data sales.

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Market Making Service

Developing machine learning and AI based trading algorithms. Market making services by in-house developed bots. Target Market: All cryptocurrency projects and crypto exchanges

Social Listening

Customized social listening tool for traders in both traditional finance and crypto world AI backed tool detects the upcoming trends at advance of 24 hours based on the social media including twitter, facebook, linkedin, telegram


Crypto Gatcha Box

Gatcha Box is the most common monetization model of digital games in Asia.
It's known as “lucky box” in the West. Crypto Gatcha Box will combine the popular game mechanics and high interest of crypto currency ownership into an app which aims to acquire over 10M users in a year.

BOT Market

Trading algorithms have multiple functions and targets (market making, volume trading, arbitrage, etc) Every algorithm and their combinations will be served as trading BOTs and traders will be able to use them by paying subscription fees.


Telegram Signal Bot

Crypto traders subscribe the paid signal bot in order to get frequent notifications which are accumulated from all tools and market know-how

Telegram Payment App

Solves the payment problem on Telegram It is possible to design the Telegram channels as accepting payments only.
That is why we are working on solving the collecting money problem on Telegram.


Appendix 1: Why #Web2.0 doesn’t work?

  • Step 1

    Difficult to implement with centralized network

  • Step 2

    Centralized confidential information

  • Step 3

    #Web2.0 Read & Write only